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We at onlinecasinossg.com strive to provide our visitors with the best and safest online gaming experience. We must protect the sensitive data and information of our users, collected directly or indirectly across our website. 

This “Terms of Use” section provides a detailed outlook of the steps we take to collect and share users’ data. In the following sections, the word “you” will refer to users who access our services, and the word “we” will refer to us, the onlinecasinossg.com website.

It is essential to have a legally binding agreement with users. It keeps both parties safe from unforeseeable circumstances that may be damaging for either. While we ensure that our services are top-notch, users are also responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient evidence to believe that any information they share with us is correct.

We have also drafted the following sections to properly lay down our responsibilities and better explain what you can expect from us. Similarly, it explains how you can contribute to making the platform safe and secure. 

Why Is It Important to Go through A Website’s Terms And Conditions

Before we start listing down our terms, we think you should know why it is important to go through this page. Users should know what measures a website takes to protect them from external threats. Online gaming comes with an inherent risk of data breaches. Our “Terms of Use” section is a form of communication between our users and us to inform them about steps we take to keep their information under the thick layers of protection and privacy.

Users also learn about applicable laws that affect the site through this section. It’s also important to ensure that you provide what the site is asking for. For example, when you’re signing up on the website, it’s on you to provide your correct details – especially age, etc.

What else do you need to share? The following sections will deal with that.

Terms Of Use


This website’s goal is simple: to provide a safe platform to people looking for a reliable space to play online gambling games. The other targeted audience includes people who visit the site to learn about the available gambling services and tips that can help them improve their gaming skills.

onlinecasinossg.com is a medium for all gambling enthusiasts who want to participate in gambling or learn more about this particular game. The website defines these services as their “Purpose.”

Binding Agreement

These terms of use are binding upon all our visitors. And it serves as a legally binding agreement between the site and users. Under this agreement, users accept that they access the website in their capacity, seeking our services. They also agree with our terms of use.


Those who access our website make an implied confirmation that:

  • You are at least 18 years and can participate in gambling activities legally.
  • You can conduct and respect the Purpose lawfully.

Information Collected By Onlinecasinossg.com

Any information that lets any third party identify an individual easily comes under “personal information.” Usually, it contains a user’s name, location (the country/area from where the user logs in), social identity, identification number, and other online identifiers. In most cases, this information also includes a user’s age and genetics. This definition is not exhaustive. It means the site can collect any data under applicable laws.

We collect information about users – you – and how they use our services. We gather such data based on how you use our service. This step is per the Purpose defined above. The kinds of personal data we might collect include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal information, which includes country, email address, current location, password, and any information that users enter into our system while creating the account. 
  • Data regarding your browsing habits. It includes the location from which you’re accessing the site. It also includes the details about the device you’re using when accessing our site.
  • onlinecasinossg.com also conducts independent surveys to gather information like age, contact details, name, user preferences, and other related information.
  • We collect data about a user’s financial position, age, and location. It helps us to better understand their eligibility to use services.
  • We also collect data on communications our users make with onlinecasinossg.com or our partners. We also gather additional information – whatever you choose to provide.
  • We also gather data through cookies that provide the technical details of how you access our platform and your system.
  • We can also gather information about your specific device and its location.

How Do We Use Your Data

Our process of collecting data is lawful, and we ensure that our activities are within the law. We use the data to:

  • Offer our services even more effectively; it may include sending alerts and specific search results.
  • Provide customer support and protect you from any external threats.
  • Make user experience even better. We use cookies to show tailored ads to our users.
  • Provide better bonuses or other promotional material which is better suited for your needs.

Other Information

onlinecasinossg.com provides free and paid services. All its services are for legitimate and lawful use. The company has the right to add additional clauses to the “Purpose,” whenever it deems fit.

You will create your account by providing a username and password. You can access the services of the site in Singapore at any time you want.

If you need help, you should contact our ever-vigilant customer support directly. Support channels include email, phone calls, LiveChat, etc. Our representatives are here to help you. We strictly prohibit users from posting anything illegal, unlawful, or abusive.

Your responsibility includes keeping your sensitive information secret, like passwords and bank codes. You should not share such confidential data with anyone. You are also solely responsible for all online transactions – carried out through debit or credit cards – on our site.

When you accept these terms and conditions, you declare that you will reimburse the site for any damages incurred because of your use of the services used through the platform.