Horse racing has been a popular betting activity for centuries, and 21st-century gamblers enjoy it just as much. It’s not only fun—you can also make money by placing well-informed bets! But how do you know if you’re making a smart bet? You need to know everything about Horse Racing in Singapore, including the basics of horse racing and how it works. This guide will tell you everything you need to know so that you can turn your bets into success!

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What Is Horse Racing?

Horse racing is a sport in which horses race against each other. Horse racing is a sport that involves horses, ponies, mules, and their riders.

The sport originated in England, where it remains the most popular today. It began with sports betting on the outcome of horse races by people who attended the races and later spread to other areas. In some countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland, there are several tracks for this kind of racing.

The Rich History of Singapore Horse Racing

The history of horse racing in Singapore dates back over a century, with its origins traced to the colonial era. As a legacy passed down through generations, horse racing has grown from a modest spectacle to a beloved sport that captivates the nation’s attention.

Iconic Racecourses: Where the Action Unfolds

Singapore’s horse racing takes place on renowned racecourses that have become iconic symbols of the sport. The Singapore Turf Club, boasting both the Kranji Racecourse and Bukit Timah Racecourse, provides the stages upon which equine champions and jockeys showcase their talents.

The Singapore Turf Club

The Singapore Turf Club, the oldest horse racing club in the world, was founded in 1842. As you might expect from its age, it’s also one of the most prestigious clubs in Asia. It has a membership of over 1,000 and hosts races at Kranji—a vast expanse of land that includes everything from training facilities to a grandstand seating 13,000 people.

The Singapore Turf Club has been operating for over 160 years now—an impressive feat for any organization—and its roots go even further back than you might think: The first race was held in 1843.


Betting on horse races is legal in Singapore, and if you are a horse racing fan, you will be glad to know that you can wager up to $100 on each bet. There are three types of bets: win, place, and show (each one pays out differently), but unlike other sports where people choose a team or player to root for and hope for the best outcome, betting on horse racing requires an understanding of the sport itself. As such, it’s good for those who enjoy learning about different types of sports as well as those who are interested in how gambling works.

Types Of Bets On Horse Racing

Betting is a game of chance. You can win big money if you’re lucky and if your horse wins, but there’s no guarantee that will happen. The best way to make money out of betting on horse racing is to be informed about the sport and all that’s involved in it. There are many different ways you can bet on horse racing, so let’s take a look at them:

  • Straight bets: In this type of bet, you pick one horse who will be able to finish in first or second place (depending on what type of race it is). The payout depends on how much your winning ticket costs and how much you win if your selection comes true!
  • Each Way Bet: With these bets, you’ll have two selections for each race where both have equal chances of winning or coming in second place depending on what type of race it is (F1 horses only go around once, while F2 horses go around twice). If they both lose, then neither one should be considered as having won anything; however, if one wins over the other, then the person who has placed their bet with more than one selection will receive further winnings based on their odds ratio, which varies from 1/4 odds up until 4/1 odds!
  • Exotics: These bets are more complicated than regular ones, but they can also be extremely rewarding if you get them right. With Exotics, you’re betting on a selection of three or four horses within the same race who all have an equal chance at winning. The odds ratio is usually 1/3 and up; however, there are new ways to bet on Exotics that allow people to win even more money!

Rules For Betting On Horse Races

Betting on horse racing is legal and allowed for persons aged 18 and above. There are many ways you can place your bets, either at the racetrack or at Singaporean online casinos. In both cases, the betting process is similar:

  • You will be required to fill out a form specifying the race, date, track, and event in which you would like to place your bet.
  • The bookmaker will assign a particular number (aka ticket) to this bet.
  • You need to pay upfront before being given the option of either placing your wager in cash or via credit card payment method (which includes Mastercard and Visa cards). Be sure to double-check whether they accept foreign currencies too! Check if they provide live streaming services; this way, you can watch races from wherever in the world without having to worry about traveling across borders.

How To Bet On Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing, whether in Singapore or overseas, is easy. It all depends on your betting style and which horse you think will win the race.

If you like to place small bets, then consider an exotic bet, such as any other color besides white or black, and then bet on that number amounting to a dollar or two. You can also do this with odds and evens; if you choose these options, then it would be best for you to place a small amount of money because neither option offers good odds compared to other types of wagers at the racetrack.

If you are someone who likes placing large sums while still getting decent odds, then consider betting on 2-to-1 favorites; these horses have better chances than 3-to-2 ones but not as much as 1-to-4 choices (which are considered long shots). The best way for beginners who want fair odds is to not only rely solely on their guts but also do some research before making decisions about placing bets.

These tips should help anyone interested in betting get started quickly without having any trouble figuring out what works best for them when the time comes.

How To Win At Horse Racing in Singapore

Most people would like their bets on horse races in Singapore to pay off in the future, but many different strategies can be used by punters when betting on these races, and it is up to them as individuals which one they decide to use. Some people like to make sure they have a bet on every horse in the field, while others like to focus on just one or two horses and then hope for them to win.

You must have some kind of betting strategy in place before placing any bets, as it will allow you to make decisions based on what you think will happen rather than just going with your gut feeling. The best way to do this is by researching the horses and learning as much as possible about them before placing a bet. This will allow you to make an informed decision about which horse you think is going to win the race rather than just going with your first instinct.

Horse Racing Singapore Guide


To earn the most in online casino real money at horse racing in Singapore, you must be willing to learn. The more you learn, the more you can make as a result. Being afraid to ask questions or admit when you’ve made a mistake will only hurt your chances of success in this field.

If there’s one thing we know about betting on horses, it’s that there are no guarantees for success—but if you’re willing to take risks and try something new every once in a while, then maybe someday you will end up placing bets at Singapore’s biggest horse races! And this wraps up our guide on placing bets on Horse racing in Singapore. We hope that this guide was helpful. Stay tuned to our website for more similar guides.

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