NETELLER Singapore is an online payment service operating in Singapore. The service enables secure purchases by limiting the amount of personal information users share. This article will cover all the components of NETELLER Singapore.


With NETELLER, users can pay for products and services online on websites where NETELLER Singapore is accepted as a payment method. You can also link the NETELLER account to your debit card or bank account for easy and quick payments. You can also top up your account manually in various ways, including online payment portals, bank deposits, Mastercard, and Visa.


Here are the top features of NETELLER Singapore:

Secure Online Payments

You can pay through a NETELLER account like PayPal and other online payment services. 

Widely Accepted Payment Method

You can use NETELLER on thousands of online casino websites. You can also check the list of popular merchants on NETELLER’s website.


Members of NETELLER are eligible for a wide array of rewards at select Crypto, Forex, and online gambling retailers. However, please remember that NETELLER users living in Singapore are prohibited from conducting gaming transactions.

International Money Transfer

NETELLER also offers a remittance service, which enables users to transfer money internationally to over 180 countries and in 20 currencies. You can also transfer an amount to another NETELLER account, a Skrill account, a bank account, or the recipient’s email ID.

Safe And Convenient Payment Transfer

Using an associated card or a NETELLER account eliminates the need to hand over precious bank information every time you purchase online.


You can also trade Cryptocurrency through NETELLER’s website. NETELLER offers support for over 28 Fiat currencies which you can trade on 0x, XRP, XLM, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

How To Sign Up On Neteller’s Website?

Applying for a NETELLER account is easy, and you can complete the process in less than a minute. Here is a brief guide that will help you signup on to the website:

  • Visit NETELLER’s website.
  • Click on this button: Join for free.
  • Input your email ID, preferred password, and username.
  • Click this button to complete your registration: Register Now.
  • Once you have successfully signed up on the account, you will need to complete a short verification procedure, and then you can load funds into your account.
  • You can also access your dashboard.
  • Next, click this button: Get Started.
  • Select your wallet currency and country.
  • Click this button to proceed: Save.
  • Offer your personal information for regulatory requirements.
  • You will get a verification code through SMS.
  • Please input the verification code and press continue.
  • Create a six-digit ID.
  • You can also add funds through various deposits (Skrill, Visa, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin).
  • Now, you can start using your NETELLER account.

Fees And Exchange Rates

Money transferring platforms such as NETELLER charge fees for every money transfer through the platform. Also, whenever a user exchanges money from one currency to another, the NETELLER money transfer operator may charge a fee for the transaction.

Transfer Fees

The transfer fee is the total sum of money a transfer operator may charge customers for transferring an amount to a recipient. However, the amount NETELLER charges will depend on the operator.

Exchange Rate Margins

Exchange rate margins are how banks, NETELLER, and many financial corporations profit from their services. These entities don’t charge their customer’s commission fees. When a money transfer service such as NETELLER or a bank quotes an exchange rate to a consumer, they typically offer the interbank rate and add an amount known as a margin rate. 

Methods For Transfer Funds

A NETELLER fund transfer occurs when a person sends money from his/her account to another person’s account. You can transfer an amount through various methods via the NETELLER mobile phone application, the NETELLER website, or the phone. Here are some other transfer methods that NETELLER offers:

  • Correction
  • Bill Payment
  • Automatic EFT
  • Manual EFT

Currencies Supported By Neteller

Money transfer operators such as NETELLER that offer currency options are beneficial for users because they charge reduced conversion fees. This way, customers don’t have to pay huge conversion fees when they transfer an amount to a different account. NETELLER offers all the currencies to its customers. Here are some major currencies that NETELLER supports:

  • ZAR
  • USD
  • AUD
  • NOK
  • NGN
  • MXN
  • MAD
  • JPY
  • CHF
  • CAD
  • BGN

Single Payments

Single payments are a term used to recognize one-time money from an allowance. For one payment, the users may use a debit or credit card and have a single invoice.

Regular Payments

A regular payment is an easy and economical way to transfer an amount through NETELLER. This payment method is best suited for people who regularly transfer a small amount (Usually three, four, or five-digit amounts).

Pros And Cons Of Using Neteller Singapore?

On most occasions, you won’t have any issues transferring an amount from NETELLER to a different account. However, like other money-transferring services, NETELLER has its pros and cons, and we have discussed some of them below. 


  • NETELLER has been in business for over 4 years and has succeeded.
  • The company has a strong AA rating.
  • NETELLER also offers other payment options, such as Paypal and Skrill.
  • The NETELLER payment and money-transferring platform are available in several countries worldwide.
  • NETELLER also provides a wide array of money transfer options for all worldwide currencies.
  • The NETELLER platform is compatible with mobile phone devices.
  • The NETELLER platform is also compatible with emails.
  • NETELLER also has an application on the IOS app store.


  • NETELLER doesn’t have a mobile wallet.
  • The NETELLER platform doesn’t offer a home delivery option for money transfers.
  • There are no money orders on the NETELLER platform.
  • There are no cash pickup options on NETELLER.
  • There is no live chat support option on the NETELLER application or website.

While NETELLER does have a few drawbacks, you can see the pros outweigh the cons.


This article covered all aspects of the NETELLER Singapore payment method. However, we also listed down the pros and cons of the platform. Customers need to understand every component of the NETELLER platform before using it, and we feel this article will go a long way in helping the customers out. 

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