Many people around the world indulge and take pleasure in gambling. Some may place bets on horses, buy lottery tickets, or even play poker for cash on the internet. The RGA (Remote Gambling Act) defines gambling as betting, gaming, or participation in the lottery. But is gambling legal in Singapore?

It is interesting to notice that gambling isn’t a new activity that has sprung up recently. It seems that no matter how far back in time you go, there are indicators that gambling was undoubtedly taking place wherever groups of people were together. The history of humanity and the history of gambling are interconnected. 

Let’s go into the past. The late 1800s created the first slot machine. Now it was the popularity of this slot machine that attracted numerous additional casino games that were dispersed over the globe. In the early 1900s, people decided it would be ideal to have all these fascinating activities in one location. Casino games were now well-known worldwide, even in Singapore, for their ability to bring people together.

Some believe Italy was the casino’s birthplace, from which it later moved throughout Europe and into the United States. Gambling was finally allowed in some areas in the United States, like Nevada, after years of conflicts over its legality at the state and federal levels to support economic growth during the Great Depression.

Gambling will always have pros and cons, no matter what form. These are not just to the individual participating but to society. We will discuss the gambling concept and how it is treated in Singapore and answer the big question “is gambling legal in Singapore”.

Is gambling legal in Singapore

What Counts as Gambling?

There are two types of gambling. The first is chance-based gambling, such as playing the lottery or trying out a slot machine. The outcomes are completely random. You have no control over whether you’ll succeed or fail. Here, anyone can win!

Next, there is skill-based gambling. Examples are, playing poker or blackjack or placing a bet on a sporting event. Not every bet is a certain win, but some people can have an advantage over others.

The Legal Status of Gambling in Singapore

Gambling in Singapore is not entirely prohibited, but it is heavily regulated by the government. The laws ensure that gambling is conducted in a controlled and responsible manner to prevent issues such as addiction and illegal activities. The two main laws that govern gambling in Singapore are the Casino Control Act and the Remote Gambling Act.

Types of Legal Gambling in Singapore

Under the current legislation, some forms of gambling are allowed in Singapore. The following are the legal gambling options available:

Casino Gambling

Singapore is home to several world-class integrated resorts that offer casino gambling. The Casino Control Act regulates these establishments and ensures they adhere to strict guidelines to maintain integrity and prevent criminal activities.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is legal in Singapore, but it is limited to authorized operators. The Singapore Pools, a government-owned entity, is the only legal provider of sports betting services in the country.


Lottery games, such as 4D and Toto, are popular forms of gambling in Singapore. These games are regulated by the Singapore Pools as well.

Horse Racing

Horse racing enthusiasts can place bets legally at the Singapore Turf Club, which is the only authorized operator for horse race betting in Singapore.

The Casino Control Act

The Casino Control Act was enacted to regulate the operation and management of casinos in Singapore. The act outlines the requirements for obtaining a casino license, the responsibilities of casino operators, and the measures to ensure responsible gambling.

To address potential social issues, the act also imposes a casino entry levy on Singaporean citizens and permanent residents. This measure aims to deter locals from excessive gambling activities.

Remote Gambling Act

The Remote Gambling Act was introduced to tackle the rise of online gambling. It is an offense to provide remote gambling services to any individual in Singapore, as well as to participate in such gambling activities. The act includes hefty fines and penalties for offenders.

It’s important to note that both operators and players can be held liable under this act. Therefore, Singaporeans should refrain from engaging in online gambling on offshore websites to avoid legal repercussions.

Singaporean Gambling Law

Gambling is generally illegal in Singapore unless it is licensed or otherwise permitted, whether online or physically. This means that while some types of gambling are permitted if they take place in a monitored and secure environment, gambling is not encouraged.

Physical social gambling is social gambling that takes place in person. It is the only legal form of gambling. If a game follows a set criterion, it will be considered “physical” and “social.


Gaming actions must take place in person, at a person’s residence. Physical locations like cafes or hotels are not appropriate.


The participants must have a close or personal relationship, such as family or friends. The gaming activity must not be conducted for profit. So, it cannot be played for the gain of a business. For instance, a person organizing a gaming event at their home but not taking part is not allowed to deduct a fee from the players. 

Lastly, no player should also be able to benefit from the action other than winning, such as getting paid to play the game.

Is Gambling Legal in Singapore?

Online gambling is illegal in Singapore unless regulated, just like physical gambling. Yet, there are some distinctions in the strategies used for the two. They have registered many rules, such as blocking:

  1. Online gambling websites
  2. Websites that advertise illicit online gambling, 
  3. Payment methods connected to online gambling

The exemptions and licensing are a little more difficult in the case of online gambling. For starters, internet gambling does not get the same exemptions as physical and social gambling. 

When is it illegal to gamble in Singapore? 

Let’s say you use or permit others to use your location as an illegal gambling establishment. The criminal faces $500,000 and a potential sentence of 7 years if found guilty.

Snow let’s assume you are involved in organizing, running, or aiding in managing an illegal gaming establishment. Even financing a prohibited gambling establishment, A repeat offender faces a maximum fine of $700,000 and up to a 10-year sentence if found guilty.

You may even face a maximum fine of $10,000, a potential jail sentence of six months, or both by being discovered in or seen entering or leaving an illegal gaming establishment.

How can you gamble in Singapore legally? 

It would be extremely helpful to you to take the following advice to make sure you avoid getting into legal trouble while occasionally gambling:

Firstly, as mentioned before, only engage in social gaming in person and at a player’s residence while doing so with family and friends. A general hint is that participants should only take their profits away from gambling. Doing this will make it easier to make sure that the gaming is genuine social rather than purely commercial.

The next thing you can do is make sure that you only use licensed gambling service providers when you play other forms of gambling. It may be tough to tell right away, so you can do some research to make sure a gaming service provider is licensed. Remaining loyal to “official” gambling establishments is the safer action.

Finally, let’s say you oversee a company where clients could take up illegal activities. It would help if you established clear rules for what sorts of activities are permitted and forbidden. This precaution will stop you from unintentionally getting engaged in any offenses involving illicit gaming establishments.

Our Final Thoughts

Gambling, like any other activity, must be taken up responsibly. You can do this by always ensuring that you are in an environment you feel safe in and are amongst people you trust. Gambling can occasionally be enjoyable within regulated forums so that you never have to get in trouble.  

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