It is tough to keep track of the best clubs in Singapore because the city has a fast-paced nature and has ever-evolving tastes. Clubbing in Singapore is growing with the rise of Singaporean Casinos, it keeps changing and has grown exponentially over the past decade. This article will discuss the best bars and nightclubs that are located in Singapore.

Clubbing in Singapore: A Melting Pot of Excitement

Singapore is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, and the clubbing scene is no exception. Here are some of the top attractions that make clubbing in Singapore an electrifying experience:

Lively Bars with Unique Themes

For those seeking a more intimate setting, Singapore’s themed bars offer an exciting alternative. Step into a time machine at Nineteen80, a retro arcade-themed bar, or indulge in nostalgia at Nineteen, an old-world speakeasy. These bars are perfect for mingling, playing games, and sipping creative cocktails.

Rooftop Bars with Breathtaking Views

Experience Singapore’s skyline like never before at its rooftop bars. Clubbing in Singapore takes on a whole new level when you’re dancing under the stars. Visit CÉ LA VI or 1-Altitude for panoramic views of the city while enjoying your favorite tunes.

Hidden Gems and Underground Clubs

The city’s vibrant nightlife extends beyond the mainstream venues. Singapore has a thriving underground club scene that caters to music enthusiasts seeking a more niche experience. Keep an eye out for pop-up events and secret parties in unexpected locations.

Diverse Music Genres

Clubbing in Singapore means exposure to a diverse range of music genres. From mainstream hits to niche electronic beats, from R&B to techno, there’s something for every music lover.

Innovative Dance Performances

Be captivated by the creative dance performances that some clubs offer. The fusion of music, lights, and talented dancers creates an immersive experience that you won’t forget.

Safe and Friendly Environment

Singapore prioritizes safety, and its nightlife venues reflect that. Clubbing in Singapore is not only thrilling but also secure, making it ideal for solo travelers and groups alike.

Late-Night Eateries

After dancing the night away, satisfy your hunger pangs at the city’s late-night eateries. From delectable street food to upscale dining, Singapore offers a delightful gastronomic adventure.

Themed Nights and Events

Keep an eye on the club’s event calendar for themed nights and special events. Halloween parties, neon-themed raves, and costume galas are just a few examples of exciting events you can experience.

Socializing and Networking Opportunities

Clubbing in Singapore is not just about dancing; it’s also a chance to network and meet new people from all walks of life. You might forge friendships that last beyond the dance floor.

The Top Bars And Nightclubs for Clubbing In Singapore

If you live in Singapore and searching for clubs near me or want to check out the type of clubbing in Singapore offers, here are the best places for you:


The Drip is a nightclub in Singapore that offers a great theme and vibe. Drip draws inspiration from Berlin’s alternative clubs and welcomes its guests with contemporary art that decks the walls and colorful lasers. 

If you love EDM, you can grind and pop to the beats played in the club’s main room.

However, if EDM doesn’t suit your style, you can go to the Salt Room, where the DJs rotate with various styles.


The Yang nightclub is the go-to place for nightlife in the city. The club is housed within a heritage mansion, and you can start with cocktails, light bites, or a Soju bucket. Then you can get your dancing shoes on and head to the dance floor.

 At the Yang nightclub, every night is dedicated to a different style of music. If you are choosy about your club bangers, you must check the schedule before going to the club.

Tuff Club

If you want to clock your 10k steps for the night (or day), you can dance it off at the Tuff Club. This club was initially a one-time, Pop-up club, and due to its raging success, it has now become a permanent fixture. The masterminds behind the club are all about giving people unforgettable memories and experiences. So don’t waste time; gather your friends and head to Tuff Club.


Avenue is perfect clubbing in singapore to eat, drink and be merry till the early hours of the morning. You can knock back the stellar tipples and head to the pool table, arcade game machines, or the min-bowling area for an enjoyable night experience. Resident DJs will bring the house down with groovy live music sets.


This is the place where the elite class comes to the party. This is an iconic club located in the Marina Bay Sands and is popular for conjuring up the most fiyah parties in the city of Singapore. The club features a real Ferris wheel which people can ride. You can dance until the sun breaks to DJs’ hottest beats.


This mega institution for clubbing has been in Singapore for over 2 decades. This club is a staple of Singapore’s nightlife and is the best place where people go to see the finest international DJs perform. Some DJs that have performed at the club are EDM crowd pleasers R3hab and Diplo and techno elites such as John Digweed and Sven Vath. 

Tanjong Beach Club

While this is not your usual Singaporean nightclub, the sun-kissed club is popular for its fantastic DJ lineup and beach parties. The Tanjong Beach Club is located at Sentosa’s far end, and all you need is some sunscreen to prepare for a great beach blowout.


This club is owned by the Tao Group and is located at the Marina Bay Sands. Not only does Lavo offer a stellar lineup of DJs, but it also has an indoor restaurant serving Southern Italian cuisine and an alfresco lounge. 


 Ce LA VI is one of the top lifestyle destinations in Singapore and is known for throwing incredible parties spun by international and local DJs such as Jazzy Jeff, Bob Sinclair, Fedde le Grand, and Armin Van Buuren. However, beyond the club’s entertainment program, it also is an A1 venue where you can take your weekend bubbly or after-work drinks to new heights in the open-air seating area.

Bars for Clubbing in Singapore


Nighthawk is a 22-hole seater hole-in-a-wall that serves innovative tipples and a side of urban alienation. The alienation is inspired by the 20th Century painter Edward Hopper. The Nighthawk bar has affable bartenders that shake up different cocktails for customers.

The bar has a large-sized lounge, and its atmosphere will consume you. The bar looks like a time capsule and recreates the 40s and 70s retro vibe where the present, past, and future intersect. 


Republic is a bar in Singapore that taps into the 60s and reimagines major cultural and historical occurrences that took place in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. Adding to the atmosphere, vintage tunes from the 60s are played on the loudspeakers.

Mo Bar

The Mo Bar is a bold and classy bar in Singapore inspired by the culture of Asian ports and the Pacific Ocean. Mo Bar is among the 50 best bars worldwide and is the perfect place to drink a cocktail and eat delicious snacks. 

The comfortable chairs in the lounge offer breathtaking views of the beautiful Marina Bay Skyline. The bar also provides outstanding hospitality; it starts when you enter the bar and follows until you leave.

Stay Gold Flamingo

The Stay Gold Flamingo is a cocktail bar at night and a café during the day. This bar is based on a dual-concept space launched by a pair of passionate local bartenders: Jerrold Khoo and Bai JiaWei.

People love Stay Gold Flamingo because it offers authentic European cuisine and has a sleek drinking lounge in the evenings. The lounge offers well-crafted tipples that perfectly merge Japanese-style cocktail-making with American style.

Taylor Adam

Taylor Adam is a covert bar concealed behind a bespoke tailor’s shop. Getting to Taylor Adam is an adventure in itself. The bar is equipped with slide glass doors which will open the moment you approach the bar. Taylor Adams offers a wide array of delicious and refreshing cocktails.

The Elephant Room

This is a new drinking hole that uncovers the hidden stories of Hidden India and Singapore. The former bartender at Smoke and Mirrors: Yugnes Susela, is the brain behind The Elephant Room bar. The history, sounds, and sites of Little India inspire drinks from the menu. 

The playlist at the bar has been specially designed to feature musicians who descend from India. The bar also has a feature wall that houses new memorabilia and clippings that chart the bar’s inspiration and history. 


This is an art-deco-inspired bar, and once you enter this place, you will feel like you have returned in time. The champagne-hued tapestries have been embedded in the intricate bronze and gold balconies. These balconies surround the whole bar, and a huge gin tower stands at one end of the bar.

Atlas is said to house more than 1000 Gin bottles, and it has the most diverse spirit collection in the world. 


This bar is on Regent Singapore’s 2nd floor and is inspired by New York City. The bar celebrates iconic Manhattanites from Vera Wang to Anthony Bourdain. Manhattan offers 18 varieties of cocktails and around 6 zero-proof drinks.

Things To Do Before Going Clubbing In Singapore?

Clubs in Singapore were closed for almost 2 years due to COVID-19 but now have opened their doors. We have already discussed the various nightclubs that are present in Singapore, but before you go to a nightclub to have a fun-filled night, there are a few things you should do.

Eat your Dinner

Some people don’t eat food before drinking because they get bloated. That said, you should still eat something before drinking because that will prevent you from getting drunk instantly. Research also indicates that eating before drinking at a bar or a nightclub slows the rate at which the bloodstream absorbs the alcohol. 

Due to the fact that most people spend the entire night in clubs, the last thing you want is to have a blackout before you head over to the dance floor. 

Have a Pre-Drinks Session

If you are not aware, we will let you know, the drinks available in nightclubs and bars are expensive. I suggest arranging a short pre-drinking session before going clubbing in Singapore. The session will also enable you and your friends to have an audible conversation. Trust us; once you enter the nightclub, you won’t be able to communicate properly because of the noise.

Stay Safe

It is important to ensure you are on high alert when spending the night in a nightclub. Nightclubs are filled with intoxicated people, and here are some safety guidelines that will ensure you remain safe:

  • Don’t overdrink: You must remain sober enough to understand what’s going on in your surroundings. Try to drink at a good pace, and don’t be pressured by anyone to drink too much.
  • Stay close to your friends: Do not wander off alone in the club; take note of where your friends are. It is best to dance with your buddies in a circle; that way, you’ll feel safe. 

What to Expect While Clubbing in Singapore?

Clubbing in Singapore is an exciting adventure, but it’s always good to know what to expect when planning a night out. Here’s a breakdown of what a typical night might entail:

Pre-Game with Happy Hour Deals 

Many clubs and bars in Singapore offer happy hour promotions, so take advantage of these deals to kickstart your night.

Dress to Impress 

While some clubs have a relaxed dress code, others require a more upscale appearance. Dress to impress, and be sure to adhere to the club’s dress policy.

Cover Charges and Entry Fees 

Keep in mind that some clubs may have cover charges or entry fees, especially on popular nights or when there’s a special event.

Age Restrictions 

Ensure you’re of legal drinking age, as clubs in Singapore strictly enforce age restrictions.

Be Mindful of Local Laws 

While Singapore is known for its strict laws, adhering to them ensures a safe and enjoyable night out. Avoid any illegal substances and always drink responsibly.

Stay Hydrated 

Dancing can be thirsty work! Remember to stay hydrated throughout the night.


In 2023, Singapore continues to be a vibrant destination for nightlife enthusiasts with its impressive selection of top-notch nightclubs. Among the best options, several venues stand out. Zouk remains an iconic establishment, offering an electrifying atmosphere and diverse music genres. Marquee Singapore attracts party-goers with its extravagant decor and world-class DJs. Ce La Vi offers a unique rooftop experience, boasting breathtaking views and a sophisticated ambiance. The vibrant club AVRY captures attention with its cutting-edge technology and immersive sensory experience. Finally, Kilo Lounge stands out for its intimate setting and curated lineup of underground artists. With these exceptional options, Singapore promises an unforgettable nightlife experience in 2023.

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